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Facebook Gift

Facebook Gift

Jay Lee
October 31, 2016
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Facebook Gift is concept design project, It can send your heart to gift immediately when like a birthday or anniversaries of your friends. Also Facebook Gift can be accessed from Facebook Messenger app and Facebook app. The strong feature is gift recommendation for taste of friends Based on various information on Facebook.

First, the idea is start from my experience that celebrating my friend's birthday on facebook. Whenever see the friend's birthday on facebook, I thought, 'What if we could just send the directly on facebook? It would be really convenient.' so, I started this project.

As for logo, I put the 'white heart' which is represent to heart in the hexagon that symbolize the gift box. and I used blue color that show the identity of facebook. and It is designed to show the product neatly on white tone UI design.

I used Sketch to UI design. Actually It was my first UI design using sketch. and I tried to interaction design by Framer, but I failed the 'flipcard' interaction. so I used AfterEffects to Interaction design. and Some icons are designed on illustration. I refer the pantone color for gift card illustration.

It is a very neat and organized design. When I did design this, It was very difficult to eliminate unnecessary elements and design to simple. and It was not easy to organize the overall information structure, such as checking the gifts, seeing the birthday of my friends, and managing my gifts, payment, message cards.
and I thought a deep for gift sending function. Products that should be visiting stores is paid by gift coupon, and the goods should be delivery is require entered shipping address.

You can see a detail interaction demo here :

Jay Lee

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