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Facebook Home Page Redesign

Facebook Home Page Redesign

Masum Parvej
July 27, 2016

A redesign of layout and UX of Facebook home page, We worked on this project to try out some creative ways of presenting facebook features and home page. In order to put forth the creativity and conceptualize the vision for social media interaction in much simpler way. The purpose of creating this design was to make the layout more usable and simple for a regular user and also at the same time have the conveyance of use for the professional users who use Facebook for business purpose.

Have been research more and more and has saw some previous designer idea on Behance and dribbble and also the feedback of people in their project's comment box, worked on this project to try out some creative ways of presenting Facebook features and home page and We followed Facebook current style or color and just we worked for the layout nothing more much changes.

It was a big deal to redesign Facebook home page layout and UX redesign to make it more simpler and easily, Actually in this project's thinking the time wasted more then a week and then we did sketch and the wireframe and finally mockup and whole thing done by using Adobe Photoshop.

After share this project on Behance (People on Behance have positive responses on my work. I am very happy for the comments.), Dribbble and Facebook. we saw lots of people loves this designing layout idea and some of people has left their feedback or what they feel about this concept. and then we got more experience about user-friendly experience design,
some of people loves the second navigation and some of their loves the left side advertisement. and also collecting feedback for now as some of quite old experience designers from around the world are appreciating putting the advertisement at left, they says it is a masterplan for business and keeping the intention of activity and engagement for Facebook services, this would be a powerful step, I am waiting for getting more of critic for this layout so that I am able to decide if the other player approve it or not, will update the design accordingly then.

Masum Parvej

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