Facebook OS X ~ Freebies Vol.2 by Lorenzo Bocchi

2016 for Lorenzo’s year of Disruption.
He moved to Sydney from Italy and he decided to cut with the past and he also completely reset his portfolio.
This year he decided to start few side projects; one of them is “Freebies” a limited edition of. Sketch files that you can download for free from his website.
Lorenzo did this to push the design’s boundaries as far as he can and see what he is able to do without the usual client restrictions.
The Second Volume of his Freebies is the Facebook OS X Design.
Check it out on Behance and download the .Sketch file for Free. Hope you’ll like it!

This year Lorenzo decided to release a Freebies limited edition to test the market.
He is already working on the second phase of the project, and it will be ready soon!
It’s a super-secret project and he cannot say anything more by now 😉
Stay tuned. It will be on the market soon.
The idea main idea was to bring visibility to my Behance account, Lorenzo has created a dedicated website and used the technique “Pay with a Tweet” to maximise the exposure of his work.

– Lorenzo Bocchi

The Redesign has been done with Sketch. Lorenzo love Sketch, he cannot imagine working without it right now!
He used Photoshop for ages but at the moment, Sketch works ways better.
The process started with research and inspiration on Behance, then he has done a lot of sketches on his iPad Pro and when my idea was defined he moved on the actual design.
He also created a prototype on InVision to help me understand sizing and contrast on different Computers.

– Lorenzo Bocchi

The answer from the people has been huge. Lorenzo was hoping for something big, but the response has been bigger than my expectations.
At the end of the day, this as been a good chance to exercise with design and Sketch.
He will release 3 more Freebies by the end of the year, and he’ll do his best to push the boundaries to create something better every time.
Most of the time with real clients there’s a lot of restrictions in creativity and deadlines. This Freebies Collection is my space to do it in his own way!

– Lorenzo Bocchi

About Lorenzo Bocchi

Lorenzo Bocchi is an Italian Art Director now in Sydney.
He is the Judge at CSS Design Awards from 2015 and he received the “Designer of the Year – Special Kudos” from them at the end of 2015.
His approach is to merge Art Direction with Design, Front-end Dev & Photography to bring his ideas to life.
Lorenzo’s main focus is to fill the lack between Design and Development to create kick-ass interactive web experiences.