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Farm Harvest - Egg Packaging

Farm Harvest - Egg Packaging

Shrungeri Pawale
June 25, 2018
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Nature operates according to a system of nutrients and metabolisms in which there is no such thing as waste. There are often things in nature that fit perfectly well causing the least amount of harm to elements around it.Keeping that in mind , Farm Harvest egg packaging is a packaging designed using a folding technique of the carton board. The folding is done keeping in mind minimum usage of material , stacking ability of the product, zero wastage and a clean look. The folded structure helps keep the eggs safe and can be compressed to a flat sheet when eggs are used. The die-line is designed in such a way that no amount of paper waste is generated. It is a combination of cuts and creases that give a strong and shake-proof solution to carry eggs. A unique feature of this packaging is that the design can be replicated to fit more number of eggs keeping the parameters of safety , stacking ability and zero wastage unchanged.

This project was done as a classroom assignment where the student had to develop a packaging for eggs using minimum material. I started off by taking a sheet of paper and folding in a way to make a pocket-like structure. Later the addition of certain engineered folds and cuts led me to give the eggs a shake-proof , break -free and a flat-pack structure.

I initially made around 100 paper mock-ups to try out different layouts and positions as to how the eggs can be kept.
Later on finalising , with the best outcome of the lot I decided to create a 3 D CAD model using Autodesk Fusion 360.
The next step was to create a Branding for the product followed by using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for presentation.

Most of the response I got for this project was positive. This project was appreciated because of the balance between creativity and technicality. It was liked because of the 'zero-wastage' ideology and a different approach to storing eggs. The branding was also fresh and appreciated for the simple yet effective look of the packaging.


Shrungeri Pawale

My name is Shrungeri Pawale and I am a Product Design Graduate from MIT Institute of Design Pune. Curious and creative I love being in the presence of art, science and technology. I strongly believe that every product has some memory and a sense of nostalgia attached to it and aim at reviving the same through my design.

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