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Farm House by Alex Kinal Wagner

Farm House by Alex Kinal Wagner

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November 17, 2015

Farm House is a fictional organic community kitchen and restaurant that features a fresh market envisioned by graphic designer Alex Kinal Wagner. "At Farm House, we truly believe you are what you eat. Devoted to your health, we help provide you with nutritiously delicious farm fresh food. Outside the experience with us, we are devoted to your healthy food education at home. Helping guide our friends and family to purchase “real” whole foods while shopping for fresh groceries, we encourage our friends and families to participate in cooking meals together to better the health of their everyday lives. Farm House grows more than just healthy food, we grow healthy lives."




As always, there is a process that starts with research, inspiration, conceptual thinking, sketches, and refinement. For this particular project, I decided to go with an approach that was more contemporary and playful, but still classic. An icon system was established with thick and thin strokes throughout the design system with the use of negative space throughout the menu system. The illustration piece was influenced by a birds’ eye view of crops and fields and was used as the cover of the cookbook, and as a vehicle wrap for a farmer’s market truck.
-Alex Kinal Wagner

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The project was done while attending SCAD and was inspired by my own change of diet and trying to eat more sustainable healthy organic foods.
-Alex Kinal Wagner



This is always a tough question to answer—as an illustrator you’re always taught to build your own style to sell, but as a designer… your work should reflect that audience’s style. For me, my work and project style is always changing based on the personas behind the project’s target audience. I have to separate my personal style from theirs.
-Alex Kinal Wagner





Its hard to say specific inspirations—there are so many talented artists out there I’m discovering daily. I’ve found a design firm, mucca, that does a lot of branding within restaurant identities that are truly beautiful.
-Alex Kinal Wagner

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The Field Pattern from the cook book becomes a second visual identifier for the brand and is applied as a vehicle wrap to an old Chevy truck. The idea is that this truck becomes a promotional piece for the brand when it visits the local farmer's market and would contain a community garden in its back bed area.

-Alex Kinal Wagner



Don’t be afraid to fail, and never stop doing what you love.
-Alex Kinal Wagner


About Alex Kinal Wagner

Alex Kinal Wagner is a designer from Auburn, New York. He recently graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor within Illustration. Within his work he enjoys exploring the combination of illustration and design, but more importantly he likes to tell stories. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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    1. Dear Tommy May and Gwen Oneil, who continue to "anonymously" criticize one piece of this design system as a cop out. While criticism is accepted and it is your right to defend your work, the single illustration in which you are claiming is a copy does not come from any of Tommy's original pieces. As shown in the ideation process behind the fictional work, the shapes, lines, and textures are clearly shown to be discovered from the hand-made tractor trails found from an aerial view of farm crops and fields. If you are still confused on where this inspiration came from I invite you to look at one of these photos more closely:

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