Conceptual Fashion Editorial “Flower of the Agreste”

This project was designed for the graduation project in Design. The aim of this, after a long bibliographical research, was to produce a conceptual editorial of fashion based on the aesthetics of the strange adopted in the style of the photographs of the British fashion photographer Tim Walker. So in this project, besides being an idealizer and a developer, I would also be responsible for all the creative, conceptual, executive, photographic, graphic and logically fashion design direction and production.

As it was a completely lúdico and imagistic project, under the guidance of a mentor teacher, I chose to approach as a directional subject for the photographs to enhance the scenery of the rural region of Pernambuco in a subjective way, emphasizing its culture, its typical landscape . Creating an atmosphere where it was possible to give life to the female character, conveying ideals of feminism, romanticism and freedom.
For this, I chose to adopt within cordel literature – a genre of popular poetry of the local culture characteristic of portraying the daily life of the people of this region who suffers from the scarcity of rainfall, as well as fictional tales, exploring the way of thinking of the most old people of the region – a poetry that told a narrative story where I had space to develop the character “Flower of the Agreste”, to show its personality of free, romantic and strong spirit, and to subvert the events described in the plot of poetry. Following a palette of warmer colors referring to the landscape of the region and assembling looks with textures and materials very characteristic of the regional craftsmanship, I created a playful and contemporary character, connected with the universe of the photographs of Tim Walker.

This project was structured following an experimental methodology for “Fashion Image Creation” focused on the performance of stylists. However, this is the kind of project that is not done alone. Even though I had idealized all of it, I still needed the help of friends, more precisely a photographer, a model, a hairdresser and a makeup artist, besides the help of my parents during the photo session. Without them this would not have become real. At the end, the images were edited in the Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop packages.

In the end, it was very gratifying and surprising to see that all my effort, idealized over two and a half years, is still garnering so much praise from both the people close to me and those who are getting to know me through the project. The fact that people receive my work positively only makes me happier and motivated to create other great projects like this.

After presenting my project formally at the University, I felt the need to produce a kind of small booklet with the images and verses of the poetry that inspired the project, and distribute it to the people who helped me to accomplish it.
If you want to see this complete project and see the result of the booklet, access this link:

Graciene Morgana Portela

I’m a fashion designer from Caruaru, Brazil, fascinated and curious about fashion. Graduated in Design by the Federal University of Pernambuco, I also have other specific courses in the areas of creation, production, administration and web.
I currently work as an independent stylist and fashion producer, as well as contributing small projects in the area of conceptual design and graphics in partnership with other designers.
For all intents and purposes, inspiration, creativity and passion are the keywords to keep me motivated to embark on new and challenging projects.
So let’s create!