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Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Natasha Novy
January 24, 2019

Digital portrait of an influencer from the fashion world. Created in flat 2D comic like manner. The dimmed lights create an intimate atmosphere. The colours are not too bright to make an accent on the lips and the vibrant girl on the picture.

The famous photographer became a model, I used Photoshop as it is my favourite program. The style was a bit new to me but I am going to continue working in it. These colours are dimmed to make an emphasis on makeup.

Adobe Photoshop, as it contains a lot of functions which can come in handy to every person, who likes art and is related to it. I usually create a sketch with the brushes that imitate pencil, then create a clean line and colour it. After I put on some effects or filters to balance the saturation, brightness, etc.

People love how expressive it is and it showed me a direction for future styles and artworks. The response motivated me to create more works. I also decided to create more female portraits like this. The next stage would be a series of portraits in the similar style

Natasha Novy

Creating worlds using visual storytelling is my passion. I am skilled in all aspects of environmental design from initial sketches to the final design. I am a hard-working, responsible and self-motivated person. I am committed to learning and self-development so that I can consistently achieve better results.e better results.

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