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Fashion Illustration Vol.01

Fashion Illustration Vol.01

Haoran Zhang
March 18, 2020
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Seeing Picasso's works in the blue period, I suddenly felt that blue was a beautiful color, full of melancholy and calm. The visual impact of the large blue and orange areas is the biggest highlight of this painting. Coupled with smart lines, the picture has its own attitude.

I was inspired when I saw Picasso's blue period paintings. Fashion illustration has always been my favorite profession, so I hope to use blue to create an attitude work. Of course, we cannot completely copy the style of others, so I use the idea of contrasting colors to make the picture more impactful.

I finish the work by using the Procreate on iPad Pro. Find an attitude portrait photo and create it by myself. Color is a feature of my work, and the application of lines is also sketched because such lines are more agile.

People seeing this work will feel calm and passionate. In the process of creation, I found my own style of fashion illustration. Good works are not only beautiful but more importantly, add your own attitude to the painting so that when people see the painting, they will know who did it.

Haoran Zhang

Haoran, Zhang— A graduate from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology was a Fashion Design major. He has a solid fashion illustration background. Zhang likes manipulation disparate materials in his works. He aims to create clever visual illustrations to represent complex topics. Through his use of light and color, along with a heavy dose of imagination and grandeur, he creates compelling environments and characters that leap from his illustrations and take action to tell the stories he weaves. His style combines digital media with textures of scanned found objects, in order to give his illustrations a warm and evocative atmosphere. The project he is currently working on is about Chinese folk tales and mythology. Haoran Zhang also has experience in the advertising illustration market.

One comment on “Fashion Illustration Vol.01”

  1. The author's work will make me shine at the moment. The illustration style has his own unique style, of course, also have their own opinions, the line feeling soft with strong. However, full strength, give a person with modern sense of simple hearty and a strong visual impact. I love the author's work!!! Hope this author update his work frequently!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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