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Fat Tongue Chair

Fat Tongue Chair

Sungtae Kim
August 5, 2017
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Fat Tongue Chair is a concept furniture design that is inspired by the shape of human tongue. Design process for this chair wasn't that hard because it was purely for warming up myself before getting into real work.
Overall concept is to harmonize "modern" and "simple" that I love, adding a little lighting detail at the bottom of the chair that creates its unique futuristic aesthetic.

Color & Material :
For me, Black & White combination works always the best when it comes to clean and simple design.
So I used black and white as main color scheme of this chair with adding a little portion of chrome polished finish that makes this design more popping.

Shape :
I thought chairs with thin supports are boring, so I made a little change that the supports become very fat and bulky.
I was trying to think of an organic form that has a very flexible shape and related to any part of human body.
Then the shape of tongue became the very inspiration for this chair.

Overall Design :
I love the quote "Idea is in the air." So was this chair when I started designing it. Everything I put on this chair was decided while I play with a T-spline body - somewhat the design could be very intuitive.

Software : Autodesk Fusion 360
I started with making a small T-spline body (actually started with a plane, built up to a body later) that looks very organic.
Then, sculpted little by little to make my chair to be ergonomic and looking like a chair.
It took me about 20 minutes to build 3D model in fusion 360.

Sungtae Kim

Georgia Institute of Technology
Industrial Design

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