Fauna Primavera Festival / 2016

Fauna Primavera is a spring music festival held since 2009 at Espacio Broadway, just outside of Santiago de Chile. Some of the artists that have played on its stages are: Pulp, M.I.A, Morrissey, Empire of the Sun, 2 Many Djs, Mac Demarco and Tame Impala.

In 2016, the festival had a lot of changes: it was divided in day and night versions, as well as two new venues and as a consequence, the overall image and identity was renewed. The festival is very well known here and has a very large and supportive crowd of followers, so it was a very important that the attraction and communication between the event and its audience would remain.

The first thing that I considered in this project was that in order to communicate the new changes, the visual system would have to convey the day/night duality transversally across many different formats. This is because the day and night would sometimes be communicated as a whole, and other times, as separated events.

For this reason the project was inspired in an abstract world that changes and moves, creating an organic and mutable graphic system. The core idea behind the illustrations is the relationship between music and particles and molecules, which are said to react to sound waves by moving and changing their shape.

The color palette was thought accordingly to the day/night duality. The main colours are blue and white, which are used also as backgrounds, depending of what is being communicated (for the night lineup for instance, blue was used as a backdrop). Pink and yellow come as secondary colours in this identity, keeping it festive and joyful.

This elements gave the festival graphics pack some structure, but at the same time enough flexibility to be applied in a wide array of mediums, such as websites, posters, flyers, signage, stage design, animations, merchandising, wristbands and more.

To start the project, I basically sat down with the festival production team and they told me about all the changes that would be going on with the event. Even though I did not art direct the previous versions of the festival, I had worked with the team as a graphic designer the year before so I already had immersed in this world and knew the way they communicated with the audience. That information came in handy when I had to take charge of the art direction for 2016.

After we talked about the changes I conceptualised and explored this molecular, abstract world by applying it to the main piece, which is the poster. Many initial proposals were modified until we were all satisfied with the flow of the elements, the size of the lineup and the overall layout. Since the project consisted of vectorial illustrations and typography, I mainly used Adobe Illustrator (CS6) to create the entire identity, which is generally my software of choice when I design anything.

With the poster all set-up, I started to create every other piece of material that we needed (either on social media, the website and as printed material in the festival itself), and since the elements were so loose and abstract, it was easier to forget about restrictions and modify the layout until it fit a certain mould.
One of the biggest tasks was to match the original, RGB colours to printed material so many color samples were made until I felt they looked similar to the colours we were seeing on the screen.

Whenever a big brand or renown event changes anything -whether it’s the venue, the way it operates, the graphic design- the public tends to be a little bit reluctant to accept it at first, and since we had so many changes in one year, it was a scary thing to do.

Nevertheless, the entire project had a very good reception and the festival was a success. A great deal of people congratulated it’s new image and the public seemed to get in touch with it really fast. It is not an easy task to re-brand something that already exists, but it’s a very satisfying and exciting to see it work smoothly.

With this project I learned that having a different point of view is a great thing, and carrying the idea until the end takes a lot of courage when you don’t know what the outcome will be. You will change your work a thousand times and that is the best path to learn and eventually find a design that suits the needs of the client and make you proud too.

I was lucky enough to work with a great production company that trusted my vision and that made me take creative control, which are ultimately the kind of things that make you show your full potential.

Even though it can be really stressful, at the end of the day it’s a great luck to be a part of this kind of project. It is important to truly enjoy this kind of experience, and have as much fun as one can, and that will show on your work.

Art Direction and Graphic Design: Sandrine Anne Sautejeau (behance.net/sandrineanne)
Photography: Claudia Jaime (Instagram: @fuferson).

Sandrine Anne Sautejeau

Art director & graphic designer from Santiago, Chile.