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Feinschmeck by Isabella Thaller

Feinschmeck by Isabella Thaller

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May 29, 2016
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Feinschmeck, a project by Isabella Thaller creates out of the ordinary soups without added preservatives or artificial flavours involved. They are cooked by hand with fresh, local ingredients and lots of love. Every taste also comes in a vegan and gluten free version. I was responsible for the entire branding process, from positioning and naming to creating the visual identity, packaging and a website.

The handwritten logo and colourful strokes express the passion with wich these soups are made and give them a personal touch. It was important for me to keep a natural and hand made feeling yet express the quality and special nature of the product.

- Isabella Thaller

After establishing a general mood and name for the product I started by sketching the Logo with different pens and brushes in a lot of different versions. Once I decided on a lettering, I did the same with the coloured strokes for the packaging. I scanned the handwritten sheets and partly vectorized them. For the project I used the applications Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

- Isabella Thaller

People responded very well to the design. Art Directing this kind of photo shoot was a bit different from what I had done before. I realised once more how important details are, especially when working with food and fresh vegetables.

- Isabella Thaller

About Isabella Thaller

Isabella Thaller is an Austrian graphic designer and art director. After having worked for various leading design studios and as a freelance designer in London and Berlin, Isabella now runs her own Vienna-based studio. With a focus on brand identity and print, she creates visual communication across various media, from conception to production. Working with clients of all sizes and from diverse sectors, both locally and internationally, she is supported by a network of talented suppliers and collaborators. Her aim is to capture the essence of a brand or enterprise and make it visible to its audience.She holds a BA in Arts and Design and received two Red Dot Design Awards for her work in corporate design and editorial.

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