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Feline Conservation Center - Rosamond, CA

Feline Conservation Center - Rosamond, CA

Brian Wangenheim
August 22, 2019
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This is a photo trip I took to an exotic feline center in Rosamond. My goal was to honestly shoot what I saw that day to best describe the feeling of being there, through my photography. It was a wonderful place to visit and I recommend going. There are a lot of different exotic cats there and the entrance fee is $10 for adults.

Living in California City, which is the high desert area, has been challenging for photography in a good way because I have to really think about where I can take photographs and think about what subjects can I capture when there is not as much hustle and bustle as in the city. The exotic feline center, just so happened to be within an hour drive for me, so I took the trip, not knowing what to expect.

I used two cameras to capture the events of the day, mainly because of the two different lenses I needed. One a short range 18-55mm Fujifilm X-T3, the other a Canon Rebel T6 with a 75-300mm lens. I made most use of the telephoto lens because it enabled me to capture the felines face from far away and avoid most of the bars that block a good shot of the animals. I started off into the place just being observant and taking a picture of whatever interested me, a couple hours passed, I got my hand stamped, got Subway and returned where I saw different felines that came out of their hiding spaces. A lot of it was just being patient and knowing that I would leave the place with some good shots as I have confidence in, because I have done the same method many times before.

The project was done just recently so there is no response. My wife likes my photos if that counts. It was the first time carrying two cameras at a time, it was not fun, but worth it to get the shots.

Brian Wangenheim

Brian Joseph Wangenheim is a multi-talented artist with skills in photography, web design, print design, SEO, marketing, video production and creative projects.

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