Festa Galgo III

Festa Galgo is an annual party organized by a Portuguese band named, you’ve guessed it, Galgo – Portuguese word for greyhound -.
I’ve worked with the bad since the beginning developing their image and promoting their gigs with poster, small animated gif., facebook graphic content and other graphic work.

Festa Galgo has an annual theme, and this year the theme was São Martinho – the Portuguese traditional commemoration of Autumn -.

The idea came of after the band and i were discussing about the day and the venue that the party would take place. Being the day 11th of November, the day of São Martinho, and being the venue Casa Independente, where the mascot of the venue is a big old tiger.

From there we began to discuss ideas, and one of them was about using elements from the legend of São Martinho – which includes a roman knight and his horse and a cape – and to add the fun twist i threw the idea of the tiger being the horse.
We also make a fest of São Martinho, in which the chestnut is the primordial element 🙂
The rest of the elements were added as decorations an small elements – like the decoration on the cape and the helmet – with clue elements of the second band that is joining the party – Galo Canta às Duas – in which the main character of this band is a rooster.

The colors were chosen, also, according to the legend of São Martinho, in which “those three days of autumn are warmer, because that is gods gift to the the soldier that did a good deed towards the vagabond, god gave him more three days of summer”.

The final idea, after the discussion, was a bit different than the final outcome, but i think the outcome became much more about what the Festa Galgo is – with that comic twist and interpretation.

I used Photoshop cc 2017 and my bamboo pen and touch.
I started with a ruff sketch and picked it up from there. Usually the part that i take the most time is making the info layout.

Normally i start with the characters, or main elements.
Being developing characters my favorite challenge, i tried different tigers, i did try an actual “real” tiger in a mighty pose, but i figured that joking with the Galgo riding the tiger in a human way – piggyback – was much more amusing and on the lines of the type of humor we – me and the band – have.

The background came easily, using a chestnut pattern made sense and was a nice contrast for the characters, in terms of visual styles, using drawn elements and paired them with a more vector shape.

The information was all drawn, i didn’t use any font – i usually don’t use fonts i make my own letters according the style i’m developing – and they were meant to be displayed in a different layout, but as i got closer to the final product, I’ve realized that the layout would have to change, and having little time to fix this i opted to put the information around the chestnut pattern and hoped for the best really.

People really like Festa Galgo overall, and having an image to associate it with is something that they tend to, also, really appreciate.

Each year, i think, my artwork for Galgo gains a new perspective and a betterment in style, so i’m always trying to better my work and this will normally be a change in style or approach, or a twik in the way i choose my colors.
So it’s always changing and gaining new life, and i think that people really like that about the art of Galgo, i don’t stay stuck in the same loop.
Galgo is a brand, ultimately, but that doesn’t mean that the image has to be stuck in this “brand” idea, i can really explore and experiment with different concepts and techniques.

I think it’s fun to play around the subject and take it in half and half – true information and your interpretation – and see where that takes you.

rute soares

Hello from Lisbon!
I’m Rute and i do graphic illustration and 2D animation.

I like to explore the literal side of the subject evolving it with strong colors and funny twists.
My main influences are a mix of cartoons and underground art and music scenes.

Enjoy :]