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Festival Fashion Illustration

Festival Fashion Illustration

Maria Camussi
June 7, 2017
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This is a personal Fashion Illustration project for which I was inspired in the music festivals and how the fashion world gets obsessed with "boho style" for a few days. I love to draw fashion, it's the way I understand it. But I also love to create characters who can wear those trends and make them their own, but, most important of all, that have the ability to laugh at themselves in a healthy way.

When i'm doing personal projects, I love to secretly do a bit of styling and choose whatever the subject will wear. I love to mix brands, textures and patterns and come up with an unexpected and awkward result. I love fashion as way of self-expression, but I sometimes feel that fashion is taken too seriously and the ability to laugh at yourself is lost. All my subjects are fashion nerds, geeky girls who strike awkward poses just to have fun with fashion and make a happy statement.
I also like to draw major fashion trends, new designs and explore new silhouettes with the pencil, as that is what can make the work relevant and new to other people.

All my drawings are hand drawn, and then digitally enhanced with Adobe Photoshop. As a first step, I sketch the figure and the basic silhouette of the clothes. Then, I use Faber Castell Polychromos colored-pencils, sometimes markers (such as Copic Markers or Kuretake) and once in a while, watercolors. I love the contrast between the subtlety of the shadows made with pencils and the intense plain surfaces that markers can create.
The final phase is digital, that is when I brighten up the work with Photoshop and give it a plain colored background so the illustration can pop up from it.

The best thing about creating artwork is to receive feedback from the people. This illustration in particular has a special funny and awkward vibe, and I think that's what people liked about it! Actually, fashion and humor go along really well!

Maria Camussi

I'm a Fashion Illustrator and Photographer from Montevideo, Uruguay.

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