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Fetch by William van der Bijl

Fetch by William van der Bijl

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July 15, 2015
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Fetch is a concept that helps dog owners find new place to go with their dogs. It’s made up of four sections, to recommend places to walk, places to eat, places to stay etc. and a health/advice section so if anything bad ever happens to your dog, you can quickly look it up, and if necessary, find the closest vets.

I love to take walks with my dog and family, I find its a great way to clear my mind and enjoy the fresh air. Where I live in the UK we’re blessed with these beautiful places to walk, but, there doesn't seem to be a central point where I can find new places to walk based upon how much time I have or where I’d like to walk (i.e. woods or a beach). And, there appeared to be very little accessible information of where we could go to a restaurant or stay at a hotel with our dog, so often it meant calling around loads of places and praying they take dogs, anyway, it was terribly annoying.
-William van der Bijl


I think it’s a really simply designed app, there's not much to it, so hopefully it’ll be accessible to a whole range of people who can enjoy spending time with their dogs and family instead of on their devices. Also, I think the most important thing is that all the information would be in one place, so we’d hope users don’t have to search around for information on their computers for hours to learn about a cool place to walk or eat. I would say it’s most important to try and solve issues that matter and that you really care about. I think it’s really important to try and improve peoples lives in some way, so if you can make a positive impact on even just a handful of people I think that's great!
-William van der Bijl

About William van der Bijl

William van der Bijl is studying Ergonomics (Human Factors) at Loughborough University in the UK. He thinks it’s really important to try and help people as best you can, and he feel that he can do that through the avenue of design. It's under his impression that Ergonomics really allows you to develop a sense of understanding of user centred design and helps to start to fully understand people and the way they perceive the world around them. William recently moved to Germany for his internship at Roche Diagnostics. See more of his work at Behance.

One comment on “Fetch by William van der Bijl”

  1. First of all I have to say that the concept is very nice and will be helpful to many other Dog owners to find places for their dogs nearby. Very nice app concept by William, they should create such an app which helps people. BTW the design is totally awesome and give materialistic feeling. Keep up the good work.

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