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Fever images

Fever images

Hugohugo Orellana
November 28, 2022
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This is a series of images originated from the feverish states that a fever produces in the unconscious, that having a very graphic mind, the sensations experienced are translated into images that evoke surreal dreams.

These compositions are a pure reflection of my personal style, without references of others or conscious influences of any particular style, it is a series of images/sensations within a dreamlike composition.

Everything was created with Clip Studio Paint

Many people identify with the disturbing nature of the images that a feverish state can cause.

You can see more of this serie on my

Hugohugo Orellana

Creative and passionate illustrator, flexible with different graphic styles, over 15 years of experience illustrating realistic, cartoon, anime or concept art I'm a very committed artist from El Salvador of illustration and painting that is always looking for new projects to improve my skills. Take a look in my Behance at or
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