Busy modern people live in a lot of stress. they are always anxious and unknowingly expressing stress in exhausting everyday life. I have studied how to relieve this unconscious stress. People were unconsciously releasing their stresses by clicking, turning the pen, or rolling the mouse wheel, and so on. By analyzing the behavior patterns of these users, I introduced the same functions as the ‘FIDGET CUBE’ to the case of the mobile phone.

I like to observe people. When I see people’s behavior, I see the problems and try to solve them. and Then I clip a magazine if it has my favorite style or color. After studying the cell phone cases on the market, I applied appropriate materials through searching and studying.

At first, I figure out the problem and did a research. After a simple sketch and I made 3d modeling using rhino 3d program , and Overlaid with materials and colors using keyshot program and I decorated the visual image with photoshop and illustrate

It’s a simple idea. I get the sympathy of the people, so I have a good response from people. Through this project, I tried to find out what people really want. And I thought that the design of the mobile phone case would not have much to do, but when I did research I got a good idea and got a good result. Results do not betray effort.

Getting people’s empathy is pretty difficult.
But if you observe users and try to be in their position, you will get good results.

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