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FILA Crossfit Performance Concept 1.0

FILA Crossfit Performance Concept 1.0

Guoyi Gu
April 4, 2018
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I spent some working for FILA brand global in 2016. The brand is not doing anything exiting in turns of footwear. So I create a this project of what I believe FILA footwear could be. My objective is performance footwear with style using modern technologies. There are 3 parts of this project, crossfit, running and tennis footwear. Crossfit footwear is the first part of three categories.

I set out to design this shoe focused on FILA chevron. I have always found FILA chevron logo powerful. I want audiences to have visual memory of the FILA chevron. The key to design crossfit footwear is to design it with performance in mind. The last has to have low drop, 4.0mm. Outsole needs to have big flat area for stability with balanced flexibility. It has extra medial sole support, comfortable locked-in collar, mid-foot support, breathable mesh material and brushed PU for maximum ventilation and support balance. I draw red, white, deep blue palette from brand logo.

Currently I am choosing digital over analog for my entire design creation. My hardware setup is streamlined, a Mac laptop, an iPad Pro, and of course, an Apple Pencil. My software choices are Sketchbook pro (tablet version) and photoshop cc. I draw all line arts in Sketchbook pro on iPad using Apple Pencil, then export each part to Photoshop for digital painting.

When I posted this design concept on Behance, instagram, linkedin. The feedback is quiet positive. people are interested in the concept and how it is presented. I believe design is observation, detail is key to explanation. Overall presentation must be visual strong, eye catching.

Guoyi Gu

My name is Guoyi Erick Gu. I eat, sleep, and breath the world of footwear design. When it comes to designing footwear, I am strategist. My knowledge of footwear design lays in over a decade of experience in the world of footwear design and innovation. My professional years of footwear design including brands like REEBOK, NIKE, PONY, FILA, FUBU and FRYE BOOTS. Footwear design is my passion. It is truly what makes me tick. Which is why I’ll be there every step of the process - from scribbles to final blues to prototyping-with an unrivaled enthusiasm to make every pair great. My education come from Fashion Design and Communication Design.

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