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Filipina Series

Filipina Series

Marie Ellinore Tabaranza
January 21, 2021

My art concept depicts Filipino women in the Spanish period with beauty and bravery. I was inspired to remake the picture of a traditional Filipina or what they called Maria Clara, which means beauty and fragile. I want to show that Filipinas are versatile, we can be beautiful as we want but strong and courageous at the same time.

I was influenced by Gabriela Silang the female leader of the revolt in Ilocos, she was one of the Filipina icons for bravery. The style I choose in this project is more of a semi-realistic style, the main color I choose can be seen in the Philippine flag also it was a common color in traditional Filipino clothing which is the color red. Red means in our flag is patriotism and valor. I also used weapons to symbolize bravery and courage that depict women can fight as well even then and now.

I mainly use a free software called Medibang Paint Pro, I do my sketch and outline here but I edit my colors and other effects at Adobe Photoshop. I start my work by researching traditional Filipino cultures and redesigning them with a touch of modernization. Then think of the composition, I like to look for a cottage core reference, I like how feminine its shows and twist it with masculine objects such as weapons.

People viewed this project more in my online portfolio and some people respond that they appreciate how I portrayed Filipina in my work. I really love this project and I learn a lot by showing others that not all Filipina women are as fragile as Maria Clara, we can be brave and strong just like Gabriela Silang.

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I hope you like my art! Thank you!

Marie Ellinore Tabaranza

Hi! my name is Marie Ellinore E. Tabaranza, my art name is "ellieknorcubes". I’m 21 yrs old, an illustrator and graphic designer based in Metro Manila, Philippines. I enjoy making different kinds of arts and learning new techniques, I never stop searching for new inspirations and new styles. I work hard and always seek to sharpen my skills.

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