Filipino Food

My project is all about what most Filipinos eat. I created a graphic illustration of what most Filipinos eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have a Filipino friend or Filipino relative, or you’re just curious what kind of food are we eating, this is the best way to take a look of our snacks, dish, and street food.

While I’m scrolling at Behance on our way home, I just noticed that no one is posting a graphic illustration about food. And since I’m a Filipino, I noticed that Filipino artist do not post anything about our country. So I decided to create a graphic illustration of our food.

I used Adobe Illustrator. First, I write down what most Filipinos eat. I, honestly, didn’t have any reference for my illustration, so I imagined what most Filipinos eat, like at breakfast like, “Taho”. So I imagined “Taho” and create an object of it until it looks like “Taho”.

They said that it’s the most beautiful project that I’ve done and most of them can relate to my project. People will appreciate your work/s if they can relate to your work, plus you have to pick the best color that most people can attract.

Aly Regine Miranda

Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Artist based in the Philippines and a student of University of the Philippines taking Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies