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Filipino Transportation

Filipino Transportation

Aly Regine Miranda
July 28, 2017
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My inspiration of this project started with my Filipino food project. I realized that I like making Illustration and graphic art of my culture. So, I decided to continue and created our very own transportation. If you have been to the Philippines or if you're Filipino, you're going to relate to how many placards our transportation has.

Since I always commute, I had an idea that I should create a graphic illustration of my country. It's very funny because viewers will see how many placards our transportation vehicles has. I used colorful objects as much as I could to show other countries how beautiful our culture is, and I chose the basic shape to show how simple our country is.

I used Adobe Illustration to my phone and since I always commute. First, I took a picture of the vehicles that most Filipinos ride home or going to the place they want to go to. And then I just used basic shapes to create an object.

My folks told me that they can relate to my project since they commute and it's so appealing to their eyes. I realized that I love my culture since I grew up here, though, since I've gone to another country, I'm not going to deny that they're better than my country in so many ways.

Note: Those placards contain places where the vehicle going to and where are you going to drop off.

Aly Regine Miranda

Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Artist based in the Philippines and a student of University of the Philippines taking Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies

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