FILO 2014

Since 2011 we are responsible for the visual identity and graphic design project of the FILO (International Festival of Londrina).
This is the project developed for the 46th edition of the festival, released in 2014, that was selected in the Brazilians Biennial of Design 2015.

The boundary between dream and reality, the playful aspect and the puppets universe were the main inspirations for this project of visual identity.
The typographic treatment and the graphic composition of materials reflect the playful and experimental character of this identity.

To construct the puppet, the principal element of this edition of the festival’s identity, we used some manual process, scanning common and old objects and digital collage technique. The typography’s composition was built digitally, as well as all the support graphic project.

Fortunately, his project has gained national and international visibility due to the fact that it was selected in the last Brazilians Biennial of Design 2015, as well as many other events in various countries, like Italian Poster Biennial and TPT 2015.

Pianofuzz Design Studio