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Final stages

Final stages

Hugohugo Orellana
January 10, 2024
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Commissions to refine some Ai work that a client was trying to complete

Some clients hire me to finish a job that was made with Ai but couldn't make it right, at least as the client wanted. So i took it from there and make my own versión of the concept

Procreate and Clip studio paint

The client were pleased. And yes, despite the enormous progress of Ai, custom-made works with emphasis on the originality and quality of an artist are still viable and valued.

Hugohugo Orellana

Creative and passionate illustrator, flexible with different graphic styles, over 15 years of experience illustrating realistic, cartoon, anime or concept art I'm a very committed artist from El Salvador of illustration and painting that is always looking for new projects to improve my skills. Take a look in my Behance at or

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