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Find Eat Easy — Identity Brand

Find Eat Easy — Identity Brand

Vlada Bazhanova
September 17, 2018
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The first platform in Russia that represents healthy food delivery services. While working on this project, I had two goals.
The first one is to stand out in the market of organic food delivery. The second one required the logo to be associated with the service.

I really liked the wordplay in the title of the project, and inspiration took over. More than 12 symbols were invented for the brand. Among them were avocado, pineapple, heart, mango, orange, and greens. As the platform contains services crafted for different target audiences, my clients and I had to ask ourselves how we can cater to vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, athletes, and just people who want to eat healthy. All of them at the same time. Then, we realized - there should be grapes.

The logo turned out friendly and associated with healthy food. The shape whets the appetite, the little grapes represent different services and could also serve as pins on a map. Black colour of the grapes allowed us to stand out in the market.

You’ve to tap into various sources to get your hands on the facts and figures you’re looking for, that will help you support the points you’ll be making in the content piece. Surveys, infographics, podcasts, videos, news sites, forums, magazines etc. are ideal sources for research.

Adobe Photoshop: sketches, creation of case
Adobe Illustrator: creation of the logotype
Adobe Lightroom: creation of presets for photographs
Adobe Indesign: creation of A4 Letter / creation of Business Cards

We decided to check all the symbols at the first stage of logo creation through a poll conducted in the group of 1,3 million people. My assumptions were correct. Results of the poll repeated those in my focus group. Many liked the deep magenta color. The poll allowed us to discard all other ideas, thus leading us to more accurate brand positioning. We formulated goals and created identity. At the end, everyone was satisfied.

When you work on creating a brand, you have to understand the client’s psychology, the most important needs, desires, and values of the target audience and the goals of the project. Only this way is it possible to successfully carry out assigned tasks and reach new heights. Soon we will be ready to present our achievements in the field of UI/UX design.

Vlada Bazhanova

Art director specializing in UI/UX design. I build websites with nothing superfluous.

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