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Fire and Ice by Dani Stites

Fire and Ice by Dani Stites

Honey Adraque
May 27, 2015

Fire and Ice is a personal project of today's featured artist, Dani Sites. You can see in her photographs how imaginative her mind is. She tried to capture the beauty of warm and cold in the presence of the sunlight and the ice in her images. Let us take a look and be inspired with her works.

This was a personal project for me. I went early and waited for the light to shine on the ice in the right way. I was really happy that it was finally warm enough for the ice to be melting. It had been a particularly cold Winter. I like to play with color and texture. I am not afraid to amp up the color when needed. I don't have a set way of editing. I usually use several programs at the same time. Some which are free online, and I also like using HDR programs, because they can help bring luminosity to the images.

I take pictures everyday. Although I don't always take pictures of wildlife it is my favorite subject, Photography can be a powerful tool for conservation and the protection of animals. I like to keep that thought in the back of my mind when creating my work.

- Dani Stites

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About Dani Stites

Dani Stites is always in awe of nature, fascinated by wildlife and inspired by color. Exploring and photographing is her passion and she loves sharing how it all communicates with her in the experience of these moments. Taking some of these photographs and creating new images from them is another passion. She loves to look at a photo and re-imagine it in a manner that is full of wonder and whimsy. She never have a plan, she just go with what sparks her creativity at the time. The experience of creating them is as rewarding to her as the result. Her hope is to connect with the viewer in a way that fosters their own imagination. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile.

5 comments on “Fire and Ice by Dani Stites”

  1. The goal was to capture the "fire and ice" and it would appear that she nailed it with this project. Great work!

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