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First Responders by Colin Anderson

First Responders by Colin Anderson

Marianne Piano
December 20, 2015

First Responders is what you call a member of an emergency service who is likely to be among the first people to arrive at and assist at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. First responders typically include police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians. Colin, our featured artist work closely with an editor at Blend Images and she suggested a need for a first responder series; thus the conception of this idea. Let's take a look at this amazing art set!

It took me 2-3 weeks to complete this series. I usually start with an initial concept just to see if an image will work. When I am satisfied with the images I then need to book in models, shoot or create in 3D any missing elements to finish the final images.  With the earthquake image I actually started with the background first. When travelling I shot a hotel being demolished this is the foundation for this image, It registered with me that it looked like a disaster zone, it was just a matter of collecting the elements to complete the disaster look.

- Colin Anderson

earth quake

The hardest thing is knowing what to shoot. Once the seed was planted of first responder this was all I needed, just the word sparked a multitude of ideas. The idea for the Ocean Rescue came to me easily, I could see the image in my minds eye immediately so it was just a matter of finding the elements and putting it all together. I did a number of fireman images in this series and it was tough to pick just one to showcase, but this image of my daughter being rescued hits to the heart of the idea. I wanted to bring strong emotion to the fire fighting images, they needed to be epic to reflect the drama of what these first responders go through on a daily basis. Again I could see the image in my head, I wanted a fireman rescuing a child and as my daughter was close at hand she got the job whether she liked it or not.

- Colin Anderson


My work horse is a very powerful Mac Pro with a 24 inch HD Wacom Cintiq tablet and Eizo monitor. The software I use is Photoshop of course and Cinema 4D for the 3D work. Camera wise - I use a Canon Mark III and a Mamiya/Leaf medium format which I process through Capture One. Lighting I use Broncolor.

- Colin Anderson

tornado rescue


"The creative adult is the child who has survived." - Ursula K. Le Guin

I guess I was that kid who sat in the corner drawing for hours and hours, imagining all kinds of fantastic fantasy worlds. My means of escape became my career. Get strength from what makes you different.

- Colin Anderson


Colin Anderson is Canadian born. He moved to Australia with his parents at the age of 14, later studying advertising and design at a Melbourne University. He went on to work as a creative director at an advertising/design agency before leaving to pursue a career as a photographer. While Colin remains based in Australia, he still has clients from all over the world who seek him out for his unique approach to the creation of imagery. Considered a generalist, Colin’s work is stylistic, conceptual and often narrative based. Specializing in conceptual based imagery.

See more of his artworks in Facebook, Behance and his website.

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