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Fish Market Christmas Menu by Björn Árnason

Fish Market Christmas Menu by Björn Árnason

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October 27, 2015

Photographer Bjorn Arnason's 'Fish Market Christmas Menu' is a series of food photograph for a restaurant in Reykjavik. Fishmarket uses Iceland's freshest ingredients to prepare fish, meat and sweet dishes with a modern twist. They also buy directly from fishermen and farmer's to guarantee the freshness of their food.

Björn Árnason

Björn Árnason

I do all the photography for the Fish Market restaurant. My wife is the owner of the restaurant. She's also a chef and every year they have a special Christmas tasting menu and we photographed it for social media and other media here in Iceland as well.
-Björn Árnason



When I do food photography for restaurants I like to include something from the interior to get the atmosphere from the restaurants into the pictures with the food, so you kind of get the feeling of being there. This time I used the sofa from the lounge area, red velvet, for a Christmas feeling.
-Björn Árnason



My style is very minimal and sharp. I like to do different things than most other photographers would do in a project like this. The atmosphere and surroundings give me the inspiration wherever I am. Either if it is for a commercial project or my personal ones.
-Björn Árnason



I used a Pentax K-5 with a 50mm Macro lens. For lighting I used Bowens studio lights.
-Björn Árnason



About Björn Árnason

Björn Árnason is a photographer based in Iceland. He do commercial photography and also do a lot of minimal fine art photography. Björn has been a professional photographer for 3 years. You can view more of his photos on his Facebook page, or his website.

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