Fitness App UI by Ser Cappelle

Dojo is a mobile app for fitness enthusiast and trainers. It simply shows a training scheme for a certain day and has a built-in chat to communicate with the personal trainer. The design was actually created for a contest on 99designs. Let us check out how Ser Cappelle designed this mobile app. Read on and enjoy!

The client was looking for a clean, simple design, which also had to be modern and fun. It had to feel redefined and easy to use. As we all know tastes differ and in this contest the client wasn’t convinced with the applied style. However, withdrawing from the contest gave me the opportunity to really do my own thing in all areas with respect for functionality which I find very important in every design I create. People tend to ignore design that ignores people.

– Ser Cappelle



I can spend hours surfing the web, in particular Behance and Dribbble, for inspiration while having a good Gin and Tonic. These are the moments I’m at my my peak for creativity, so in this stage I always have my sketchbook right next to me. For the Fitness App UI I got inspired by blurred backgrounds and shadow, as you can obviously tell.

– Ser Cappelle



The most challenging part was getting the colors right. Honestly, I’ve tried out some hideous color combinations and even when I decided to go with blue as main color I kept questioning the different shades of blue. Every shade or shadow was considered and challenged in the making to make sure it works in every possible environment.

– Ser Cappelle


About Ser Cappelle

Ser Cappelle is a Belgian UI/UX designer and front-end web developer based in Ghent, Belgium. However, he has a master degree in Economics so during the day he disguised as a Accounting Supervisor in a company called Massive Media, an online media group. By night, he turned into a designer in his own founded company called kurious7. Currently, he’s working on numerous freelance and personal projects which enable him to evolve in both UI/UX and front-end web development. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.