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Lola Mijouin
October 14, 2016
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FLAÏ is a collection of two minimalist aerian lights and a vivarium for your plant, made in glass, ceramic and concrete. These small organic objects can come with you in your daily and in your interior and could be moved easily.

I was at first, inspired by hot-air-balloons and bubbles which are very light and aerian.
That's why I used some blown glass for the superior part. And then, I would like to counter this idea using some ceramic and concrete for the stability of the pieces.

These three objects are handmade to protect craft values.

I was at first thinking about solutions for a competition. But these solutions didn't match with the subject.
However, I was really appreciating these shapes so I decided to make it in 3D with a software.
If I could, I would craft these objects to make them real.

Thanks to this project I have learn that I could imagine poetic objects, which don't have a real functionality and which are just simple and poetic, because I used to design functional objects, which were more thoughtful and more sophisticated.

To conclude, this project was really nice and pleasant to design, because it was unusual for me to make this kind of design.

Lola Mijouin

French Junior Designer, based in Lyon.
Qualified by a Product Design Bachelor, I love organic design and contemporary culture.

Looking for a six months internship in product design.

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