A minimalist writing desk with a desk lamp integrated into it. Dimensions: 1500*700*750* Materials: metal and HPL panel. The table is light and elegant, in the interior it does not overload the space. Also in the table there is a box for storing necessary accessories.

The neck bend of the flamingo became the starting point in the design of this object. In the zoo I saw a large number of pink flamingos, their necks were turned in different directions, it was very beautiful! Therefore, the shape of the legs at the table is analogous to the shape of the flamingo.

To search for a form, I use a pencil sketch, then create a 3D object model in the program 3Ds MAX. Working with 3d model, you can work through all the nuances of the shape of the object, as well as disassemble the design, clarify the details. 3d modeling is a very useful tool for the industrial designer.

The writing desk is liked by its laconic! The form of its constructive elements is the essence of this object. People like the combination of two functions in this subject, table and lamp. Now it is important to combine several functions into one, as this makes the form more expressive and minimalistic.

Andriy Mohyla

Andriy Mohyla is designer and founder of CITEK design studio.
He is the co-founder of two startups in the field of design. There are “TheCase” and “Razom”.
For more than ten years he is developing private and commercial interiors.
He is the author of 250 implemented projects.
He had created the collection of furniture “DUOO” for the company “ZEGEN” in 2017
Andriy Mohyla combines functionality and emotionality in his work.