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Mohsen Darvish
July 20, 2018
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Blind people have often trouble finding someone or something that they are looking for. There are some techniques like using grids based on footsteps or searching the area with their feet or simply asking people if they can help, but they are not always easy to do or they are taking too much time, just like when you are searching a dark area for something and you do not have a flashlight!

FLASHFIND is a flashlight for blind people; it helps them to find someone or something they are looking for in both public and private places without being nervous and shy to ask for help or feeling bad and weak just because they are blind.

I was searching about problems that blind people are dealing with, suddenly i came up with this question in Quora ( ) and i saw there is no real solution for it, blind people just trying to make this frustrating problem less harder. therefore i decided to design something that makes it much easier for them. i just asked my self how would i find something or some one in a dark place? and the idea of the flashlight showed up.

Unlike most of my design projects aesthetics hadn't a big role in this product, in fact ergonomics and affordances was much important than how it looks, naturally because the user wouldn't care if its blue or red or if it looks stylish or not. but it was very important that the user doesn't get confused by many buttons and complex forms.

I was inspired by similar military technologies and devices.

Rhinoceros for 3D models, keyshot for renders and photoshop for the presentation.
Research and study about blind people and how they behave in similar situations helped me a lot to figure out how the final concept of this project should be.

To be honest, many of them didn't get what it does at the first look ? but those who had the time to read the description found it very interesting and useful. especially people who knew someone blind in person.

Mohsen Darvish

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