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Flora & Fauna of the Appalachians

Flora & Fauna of the Appalachians

Sebastian Gomez de la Torre
January 30, 2018

Illustrated book cover for a book about the plants and animals of the Appalachian mountains made in Adobe Illustrator. The drawing was created with the pen tool as well as the shape tool for when I needed more exact shapes. The design also features a customized font.

I wanted to design a book cover about plants and animals, and I picked a region that fit the drawings; the Appalachian mountains. I wanted to make a simple and minimalist design; something modern. I juxtaposed the modern, stylized drawings with a more traditional Serif font because it gave it a more distinguished look.

This was made in Adobe Illustrator. I made thumbnail sketches of the composition of the cover and used that as a guideline for the final drawing. I also typed "Flora & Fauna" in a bunch of different fonts until I found that matched the type I had sketched out; when I found the right one, I modified it a bit to look how I wanted it to.

I had a positive response, I just finished it recently. I intend to make more covers of other regions, like the Galapagos islands, or the Amazon jungle. Making this design was a good exercise in learning how to simplify more organic elements like animals and plants.

Sebastian Gomez de la Torre

Illustrator in Houston, Texas

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