Flower Portraits

A “Flower portraits” project is a series of portraits created as a sincere tribute to all flowers and their awesome beauty. As a flower lover I wanted to create a project which would celebrate flowers and highlight their beauty to the top. I chose different sorts of flowers as this project is dedicated to all flowers.

Thinking about this project I must confess there are two main reasons why I created it. The first reason is – I am flower lover, who appreciates the true beauty of flowers. The second reason is Vincent van Gogh and his art, which brought me back to colours. I used to see the world around me in black and white for many years, but since I have discovered Vincent’s art I have been in need of using colours again. He has had such a huge influence on my work so I decided to involve my love for flowers and my newly rediscovered love for colours. My goal was to find the colours, which would emphasize the beautiful shapes of the flowers, but would not create a chaos of colours.

Following the theory of colours, using the colour wheel and working in the Photoshop was the most creative part of making this project. Working with colours and finding suitable colour combinations was challenging, as I used different sorts of flowers, but on the other hand I enjoyed the challenging process a lot. I simply love it when working on a project I suddenly realize that I am working with a smile on my face. At last I chose the orange-violet colour combination as the best one. The low contrast settings helped to soften the final appearence of the images. Moreover, the unreal colours of flowers refer to my motto… everything I can imagine is possible.

I have got a really nice feedback on my work from different users on Behance and also from my dear friends. I think some of my closest ones are really happy that I am back to the world of colours. I am deeply grateful for the great and continuing support they all have given me. It has encouraged me to continue my work and do more experiments with colors.

Viera Babecova

A hobby photographer and a flower lover based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Working anywhere where flowers grow.