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"Fluchtpunkt" - Körper - Mensch - Raum

Josua Dunst
June 14, 2017
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My photography is based on the assumption that reality is hidden. My work is about the reconciliation of inside and outside. We are all mortal, but want to touch the infinity. I think it always depends on how we see things. The first thing you notice is that you have no control. You can only hold something that does not really show up. But it is worth a try.....

For me, photography is the search for meaning and meaning as well as the questioning of a pre-prepared perception. Photography is nothing but generated reality. But without space, no photography.
I am a distance man and I need a lot of space. For many years I did not know why I was photographing and what was the driving force behind all this. I was constantly absent and not tangible, the emptiness between me and my surroundings became a language of speech. At the same time, it had something comforting and meaningful.
I love this American light, which is often seen in films by Wim Wenders. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to apply this to any subject. That is why I work with what is offered to me. I often use the LAB color space in Photoshop to direct the colors independently of the brightness still a little in the right direction

First, I search through Google Maps and analyze the area that I want to capture photographically. I use only my camera and a fixed range when I take pictures.
Then I follow my inner compass and follow each track intuitively.

Postproduction is then relatively complicated. The development of the RAWs is always dependent on the look and there is no special workflow which is basically applied.

The places I visited were not part of the perceptible, observational reality, but were quiet and invisible, wanted to be discovered. When I was alone, in this place, I could be quite at the moment.
The non-place could create a connection, the relationship to myself.
Photographing means going into relationship, a more intimate moment, the space acts on the body and actually you have no control. The room is already there and you want to project your performance on it. You can not hold or preserve the room. It is the other way round. I carry a space inside me that collides with the outside world. My imaginary space is not rational, I can not touch, see, or taste it. My space does not want to expand, but it is boundless.

Josua Dunst

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