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Flyrobe Rebranding

Flyrobe Rebranding

Sarath Jayaprakash
June 11, 2016
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In June 2015, Flyrobe launched its fashion rental services with a small set of premium apparel and accessories in the city of Mumbai. The idea caught the imagination of women around fascinated by the idea of being able to wear something now more often and the ones who saw the answer to their perennial problem "I don't have anything to wear tonight!"

Fast forward April 2016, Flyrobe is present across Mumbai and Delhi and continues to see its customer love everyday. Users can rent western wear for any occasion like a Brunch, office party, date, dinner or even holidays and custom fitted Ethnic wear for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

The service has top brands and designers as major part of its offerings

The concept behind was Freedom & Fashion. Freedom is when one is able to do what one wishes for, what one yearns for. We're trying to bring freedom to the world of fashion by making it more accessible. We really believe one should not be bounded by choices, commitment of ownership and affordability.

I use mostly Adobe illustrator to implement the ideas. My ideas actually came from paper and mind. I also used pad pro. It was an amazing tool for designer. After making sketch you can directly send to your desktop and start again.

The response was awesome for the team, the customers and everybody love it. Making rebrand is not changing all stuffs, just the logo. It is also changing people’s feeling.
Another thing I learned while making rebrand is that, you have to study everything from the start and current facing issues.

Sarath Jayaprakash

My name is Sarath Jayaprakash I'm a Designer. I was born in 1987 in Kerala,
I worked many Cities. After my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Raja Ravi Varma College in Kerala, 2011 more focusing my profession
Currently, I’m working in Mumbai.
I’m passionate about design, typography, art and Photography.
My work goes from branding to interface design, and I´m always looking for new challenges.

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