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Folding - Tableware

Folding - Tableware

Buyi Zhou
August 31, 2017
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With the gravity flow of elements as the inspiration Taking geometric elements as the presentation, the inner introverted tension of lines is molded. Each single bowl is shown in 20 soft curves, and the 5 bowls are combined into 100 curves. They are stacked up from top to bottom, flowing with aesthetic feeling. Lines are made up of 1:2:3 ratios, in geometric progression.

The composition lines is streaming and pure, without any superfluous and extra decoration. Imperceptibility subtle changes in tone and skin texture in stacked shadows. By different color brightness and saturation level gradual changed one by one, which is elegant sculpture under the light, reflection and surface under the sense of rhythm.

The following tools and software are used in the design process:Adobe Photoshop, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, camera,and Hand-painted sketches. The design process begins with personal habits,involving: intelligence collection, intelligence analysis, design design; design sketch stage; discussion and analysis of various sketches and programs; 3D model validation and modification; complete appearance and color.

Any one of the design work often have to repeatedly scrutiny, more need to experience the details of daily life designers, forms and functions are to meet the essential needs of people.
In this interesting design road, hoping to know more design lovers learn from each other and communicate. The following is the link is my own more works show, from time to time will release new works.

Buyi Zhou

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