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Follow the Light by Łukasz Wiktorzak

Follow the Light by Łukasz Wiktorzak

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October 28, 2015

'Follow the Light' was created for Desktopography’s latest exhibition of digital wallpapers. When Digital Artist/Photo Retoucher Łukasz Wiktorzak was young, he used to wait impatiently for each of the annual releases and now he's am one of artist who’ve made stuff for people from around the world.


I was looking for some animals stock photos as I have started preparing my piece 3 weeks before the deadline and I had no time for making any 3D stuff or anything equally time-consuming. And then I’ve came across some photos of a crocodile. That was the moment when the idea originated. A man going straight into the huge jaws without realizing that. The rest was easier :)
-Łukasz Wiktorzak


I guess this time I was inspirited by a digital artwork I saw before - some swamp environments, caves entrances looking like giant skulls etc. The idea was not extra original so I concentered on the atmosphere and the story.
-Łukasz Wiktorzak


I am still looking for my own style. I try to develop my skills and work using the latest software and techniques. I can honestly say that I love dark foggy pieces where I can create some mystical atmosphere with small details hidden in the shadow. Sometimes I still misuse blue color in my personal projects; however, what's makes me proud is that in this project I achieved satisfied results without blue tones! What is even greater, I work in advertisement industry which in practice means working on bright, clean images. This lets me expand my perception of digital art to a full spectrum and I hope that in future my style will be great in both dark and advertising artwork.
-Łukasz Wiktorzak


Regarding inspirations... I am not trying to gain inspiration from other artists or existing artworks. I always try to use them for reference while working on some projects, but only after creating my own vision in my mind. It's extremely hard to come up with a super original idea but even I found tones of similar concept after that I know that the first thought was mine.
-Łukasz Wiktorzak


Do what you love, follow your dreams and don't give up!
-Łukasz Wiktorzak


About Łukasz Wiktorzak

Łukasz Wiktorzak is a 25-year old Digital Artist from Warsaw, Poland. In 2013, he became part of the great ArsThanea team and decided to link his future with Computer Graphics. In the beginning, he was responsible for retouch and photo manipulation which has been his first love since 2008. In 2014, he began his adventure with matte paintings which in turn initiated his work with 3d and composting. See more of his works on Behance.

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