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Fondre hairdryer

Fondre hairdryer

Kwon sung hyun
October 27, 2019
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The Fondre can harmonious the space with the furniture and products used and solves the errors in various situations.
The goal of this work is to meet the user's new experiences and values ​​and to bring harmony into space and experience.

Nowadays, it's an interior heyday. The space where people stay and the products that are placed are designed to express the user's personality, and, many cases are designed for easy usability while harmonious user's space. also, The user's favorite product is not only functional but also deeper interaction and feels the emotion from products.

However, hair dryers today are designed in forms difficult to store cleanly in the environments they are used in, and the hair dryer storage or rests also do not provide clean answers to storage capability. Moreover, it is easy to find untidy bathrooms or dressing tables. In addition, such hair dryers make the space cluttered before and after use and convey a feeling that is unfamiliar to the user every time, so form and function were necessary for design.​​​​​​​

I thought abstract forms could harmony in space. For harmony, I designed the look and detail from the base shape. and I choose materials of aluminum to deliver lasting harmony in space.

The most important part of the Fondre project is the proper proportions and detail of the abstract form.
I did isopink artwork for proper specs. The proportions and detail work was done in Rhino 3d.
also, In order to harmonize with the modern interior design trends, I designed the scene with various furniture and mosaic, marble, steel and terrazzo textures.

Through the fondre project, I want to provide a more valuable, harmonious moment to modern people through new user experiences and material changes. also, I think small changes like the fondre create a beautiful and comfortable space for modern people.

kwon sung hyun

Korea design membership
Major in Industrial design, south korea

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