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Food Fight Club by Vincent Panzeca

Food Fight Club by Vincent Panzeca

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July 10, 2015

Food Fight Club is a random idea I came up with one night while trying to brainstorm a new personal project to do on my down time. At first it was just characters, no idea that tied them together. Eventually, the idea of a fight club developed. This took the project to a different level because not only did I have to design things, but I had to come up with names and a creative way to showcase fight statistics. The whole project was a labor of love.
-Vincent Panzeca

The design of Food Fight Club was progress. Originally I had just sketched 5 characters. One of which looks nothing like it does now. From the beginning, however, I wanted the designs to be rather simple with nice outlines and simple silhouettes. That is why none of the characters really have anything crossing their bodies. I wanted to be able to fill the entire character with a solid color and still get the general idea of what it was.
-Vincent Panzeca

Food Fight Club

My inspiration for Food Fight Club was mainly to do something fun and vibrant to give my mind a creative exercise. Also, I just really love food. Never stop learning. Always look for inspiration. Be open to criticism, good and bad. And just stay true to yourself and your passion.
-Vincent Panzeca

About Vincent Panzeca

Vincent Panzeca is a graphic designer and illustrator currently living and working in Charlotte, NC. Growing up he always loved art and creativity. He was taught that the fundamentals were extremely important to growing as an artist. Therefore, his skills are deeply rooted in traditional drawing and painting. To this day he is heavily inspired by things from his childhood. They helped to foster a vibrant and fun style he continues to develop today. From an early age knew he wanted to create a career from his passion. You can find more of his work on his website and Behance.

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  1. Haha I love these pictures for real! I'm going to try and study dietitician in the future. These pictures of you would be amazing to explain to kids what's healthy and what not and to learn them about the different types of foods! I applaud you, my man!

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