Food, Food, Food

Who doesn´t like food? In the past years I have been working with product photography, but mainly with food products. It is a job that I have enjoyed since food is something I enjoy very much.

I’m not one of the people who eats everything, I’m very picky with food. There are textures and flavors that I do not find pleasant. But I must accept that what strikes me the most in choosing a dish, apart from seeing if there is a flavor that I do not like, is its appearance.

I, like many other people, eat from the eye. So what I try to do with my photographs is to make each dish look as natural as possible but at the same time provocative to the eye and to the palate.

This is a series of photographs I have taken from some well known restaurant dishes from Bogota, Colombia.

These photographs began at the moment my mom asked me to take some pictures of her pastry products. From there, a friend of hers, who is a photographer, started teaching me the techniques of food photography.

After this, my sister who has a restaurant with her boyfriend, “Krone”, asked me for pictures of their dishes for the web page and some instagram and facebook posts.

And since then, I’ve been taking pictures of the restaurants that are in the photographs. Whether for internal use of their companies or for networks of these restaurants.

80 Sillas, Cantina y Punto, Osaki, La Fama, Ugly American, Gamberro, Casa, Agadon and Semolina

In every restaurant the dishes were sent as the chef thought they were going to look appetizing. Each of them I placed it in a table where the light was adequate and gave a good color to the food. With my little Sony alpha nex-6 camera I captured all the images of this project.

After taking pictures, only a small retouch of lightning, contrast and color were made in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

People who have seen the project, liked the photographs, they say the dishes look flashy and provocative.

Thanks to this project and the feedback of the people, every time I realize some improvements that I can make to the pictures and what I can do to make a better job.

Andrea Méndez

Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia. Very creative and passionate for capturing life in images, drawing, video and photography. Interested in travelling and learning about other cultures, while exploring with different art techniques. Highly motivated, curious and affable.