Förderverein European Business [FEB]

Branding for the “Förderverein European Business” of the “OTH University of Applied Sciences” in Regensburg, Germany. The nonprofit friends of the university organization focuses on supporting students of the “European Business” program. The numbers are on your side is the credo: 2 B.A.s in 8 semesters. 178 new Facebook friends in 8 Semesters. 4 new countries in 8 Semesters. This campaign tries to emphasize the uniqueness of this truly exciting program.

Swiss Style is always a good idea, especially when trying to communicate an idea in a simple but powerful way. Colors are easy to understand and reflect the existing colors of the »OTH University of Applied Sciences« in Regensburg, Germany – black, white and red.

Standard tools: Adobe Creative Cloud. I guess the process is not the interesting part about this project: it started with research, then with first graphic drafts by hand and later the digital versions of it. With time came more inspiration and many more idea for applications, the campaign, etc.

Great so far! People seem to be enjoying the simplicity and clear graphic structures. Especially the students who hired me are very convinced they made the right choice in closing something simple and clean but also a little edgy, given the rest of the graphic universe of the FEB surrounding.

Kevin Kremer

I am a multidisciplinary designer from Germany focusing on visual solutions in graphic design. The visual exploration and a systematic, conceptual approach are part of trying to analytically decode a problem in order to find the right solution.