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Forest composition

Forest composition

Temirlan Nurbatyrov
January 23, 2019
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This is forest composition with deer. The work was done in two days. I used 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer. It was just 3 weeks of studying 3Ds Max. I hope you will enjoy it. It was hard for me. But I think it worth it.

I was inspirated by Artem Kuprianenko, and by his videos on YouTube. You can find his project He is very nice guy. He very often make a webinars for free. And you wanna learn something new in 3Ds Max, you are welcome.

I used 3Ds Max, Corona renderer 2, Photoshop and Nik Collection tool for photoshop. And I used ready-made samples of trees and grass. Everything was just scattered by Corona Scatter. Every information you can’t find in google or on YouTube.

My friends said it’s good work. Everybody was in good shock. I didn’t show this artwork to all of my friends. But who saw it, they said it’s very cool. And they were interested, how did I made it. Also I learned how cool to work with trees and grass in 3Ds Max with corona scatter. It’s one of the best thing in corona.

I just want to say, every wishes you want, only in you mind.

Temirlan Nurbatyrov

I am a student. I’m study in KSTU, Qaragandy, Kazakhstan.

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