Forest Day

This is a piece I made for my university service, the poster is to commemorate World Tree Day, among other festivities.
I am a graphic design student, but my strength is illustration. In the area where I am releasing my professional service, I dedicate myself to working on image and illustration projects, my favorite works are all related to art and that allow me to freely capture my style. drawing, since I consider it enriching for me.

After analyzing different festive posters on the internet, I came to the idea of using pine trees and mountains, since it seemed to me an original and little seen idea. The idea came easily to me, because I manage a sequence of stories that I write and illustrate. So I went back to part of the scenery that I use in my comics.

I work the sketch on pencil and paper, I detailed it and then I started to ink, then I scan the drawing and I start working digitally. The colors that I chose for this poster are warm and natural, I was careful to use a color palette that was synchronous and did not get out of the light objective.

They liked my piece because I was carefull with the objetctive
Before submit it, I asked some of my schoolmates their opinion about the details and colors.
I invite you to see my work and follow me on my instragam (@pamrhee_rg) and my facebook page (@pamrhee) to see more of my art.

Pamela Ramos

Illustrator & comic artist.