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Forest House

Forest House

Randy Araiza
May 24, 2023
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I wanted to share a brief breakdown of my latest personal project
I had so much fun making this piece, although there were times when I was tired of painting wood, seeing the end result is worth it. In order to make this scene I was mainly inspired by the work of kunbei, a great artist from ArtStation, but more specifically his painting "The home of small animals".
I feel that more could have been done, but my computer hardware limited me. In the process I learned, how to optimise the scenes better, so I hope it won't happen again. It's part of the process.

I was mainly inspired by Kunbei and his work, but more specifically by his painting "The Home of the Small Animals". Of course, I was also very much inspired by Studio Ghibli's filmography and its ambient style. The main shapes of the work were inspired by Kunbei, the Ghibli environment and the colour palette, called Resurrect64 by Karrie Lake. As the name suggests, it has 64 colours and is mainly used for pixel art, one of the first art forms that introduced me to 3D. From these great inspirations I started modelling and texturing all the assets to build the scene.

Most of the project was made using industry standar software, like Substance Designer, Painter and Photoshop, but the program that was the key for everything since the begining and the final composition, was Blender. Pretty much of the process its very straight forward, as i mentioned in the Breakdown, nothing fancy, simple textures, simple models, nothing overly complicated and straight to the point. When you start working on your first project you always end up modelling and texturing things that nobody is going to pay attention to, and not because it's not good, but because the main focus is not on the sword you make, the front door, or the over-detailed leaves on the trees, but on the overall view of the scene, what all those assets, the lighting and the composition do together. This is not something I made up here, in fact you can see it in most of the projects you like (unless you like hyperrealism) take a look at ghibli's filmography, even though everything in his films is beautiful, if you look closely at the environment, they are simple but very well placed brushstrokes with no more detail than the brushstroke itself. Sometimes less is more.

The truth is that I don't know, I'm not very interested in social networks. But the project was well received by my colleagues, and I got good feedback from them to develop a better project next time. The main thing you learn from a project most of the time is to be efficient, and in the next project you always end up improving and somehow knowing how to do things faster, learning to not only optimize the time but to optimize things inside the scene to reduce the memory space of your computer, the rendering time and in the end you can continue with your next project.

If you liked the render and the breakdown, consider taking a look at my ArtStation page, give a follow and support for more. If you want to work with me, all contact information will be there too. I hope all this has been helpful to you

Randy Araiza

I am a self-taught 3d artist from the North of Mexico, I have been working as a freelancer for 2 years as a 3D Artist. I have worked with a large number of clients in the creation of props and textures, generally lowpoly. I am in love with environment design and am currently in the process of becoming a good environment artist. My area of expertise is modelling and texturing lowpoly models with low and high pixel textures. My working programs are Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Photoshop.

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