Forest Villa

Forest villa based on my design for showing friendship between human and nature, and how human can use part of nature for build without damage the other side of nature. it is not always necessary to build high rises, the cozy and organic villa could be charm, luxury, and minimal for living too.

i try to use renewable material for this villa and in a minimal style in which is not too rush and make specific warm environment for living and relaxation in the middle of nature. color combination also use based on harmony with the nature and select how could show the friendship and purpose of design.
and base on new minimal study ive learned how to use a simple box to show the exclusively of the design.

like most of my design process, it began with a hand sketch when the idea started to flourish in my mind, after that i start to search about possibilities of equipment and amenities for the work so i started to model the villa in 3ds max and whole environment, with proxy and adv painter I scattered the plants in which was my most joyful part of work and when I was sure about the materials I make the shaders in corona render and add some lovely effect with after effect and photoshop.

actually like always I receive plenty lovely comments regarding this work and the positive energy about design. also there were some critics that I accept them with open arms. but the vital learn of this project was how being meticulous can have advantage in design process and the feedback.

I love you all and love people who think to make the world a better place for living. please make me happy with your comments.

Mohsen Hashemi

Architecture – Designer – 3d Artist
master of archtectur