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Forest Visit

Forest Visit

Nicole Koronia
July 31, 2018
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My idea was to make a minimal illustration of a boy exploring the forest and discovers a wooden house.
I was inspired from a travel I made in Romania and I sketched and a took photos from villages and forests that I visited. I'm a digital Illustrator and I like to experiment with every design aspect there is, so I made a flat design illustration for the clean colors and lines I wanted

To make this illustration I got inspired from photos that I took while I was out.
I got inspire from nature and skecthed some concepts in my block later I combined what I had in illustrator.
I wanted to be minimal and clean so I made a flat design Illustration.
I wanted to give depth in my artwork and add a calming effect so I decided to use blue and purple color palette.

For my idea to take form I sketched many concepts in my block without much details, I transfer the sketches from my block to Adobe Illustrator and I made a collage of the photos that I had we the sketches selecting the elements I had in front of me. I began with chosing my color palette and after that I start creating the basic lines of my artwork. It helps me a lot to have a clean space and to categorize every design element I have in my artboard. I moved on with the illustration by finishing every piece seperetley (woods,house,boy...) It took to finish it around fifteen hours.

When I finished I upload my artwork on instagram and soon enough I had a lot of positives comments and mails. It was a good practice and a hard project to accomplish but totally worth it and the result gave me a great gratification.

When you make a design like this with so many elements, you have to take some small breaks so you can see more clear your work and take right the decisions.

Nicole Koronia

My name is Nicole
I am 24 years old, I live in Greece I have studied violin and music theory also I took
2 years of drawing classes and always carry with me a block for painting. I like volunteering in interesting events and skate with my cruiser also I love cinema and books.In my projects I like to find DIY ways to make my projects more significant and noticeble.

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