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Forgotten Whispers

Forgotten Whispers

Eleanor Yang
June 5, 2023
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The video depicts an adventure story of a world in ruins, where time passes normally and people age and die, but through a broken clock, it leads to a magical world where there is no concept of time and creatures thrive without death. The story takes the viewer through various fantasy scenes in a forest and underwater before settling on an abandoned pocket watch, representing the halt of time once again.

The inspiration for this work is based on the fact that my team members and I want to try to create the style of ruined city and fantasy garden. In thinking about and positioning the theme and content of the story, we conducted a large number of surveys related to the concept of style photos. Extensive research led us to determine the styles and colors of the two sections. In thinking about the story we discussed the concept of time hidden in the work. So we combined this concept to create the story of the work.

We used cinema 4D, redshift render and aftereffect. In fact, the difficulty in this work is how to give full play to the personal advantages of the two team members and complement each other. Therefore, we avoided the problem that different styles and advantages could not be presented by making half of the content by one person and then exchanging it the next time.

Viewers mentioned that we had great ambition to create environmental animations and completed them well. Viewers praised the final undersea section. I think I learned a lot about teamwork on this project and my personal learning experience with additional plug-ins and skills increased.

Designer: Eleanor Yang, Mix Sun
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Eleanor Yang

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