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Lu Brian
May 19, 2019
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I tried to integrate the natural features in the furniture. The table's frame is made of a single metal tube, which forks at the end to form a support. The table is convenient to move, with storing function at the same time.

The design of this table was inspired by the branches of the tree trunk, and I tried to express the natural features in the furniture. The metal was chosen because it was strong and easy to bend.The combination of metal and wood gives the furniture a textural contrast.

In the process of making , the table was modelled in rhino firstly , and then we tried many kinds of materials and finally found that metal could achieve the desired effect. The bending performance of the metal was tested again and again to get the desired result.

People around me liked it and encouraged me to continue to create great work.I have always been committed to finding the subtle connection between the product and the environment, so as to bring people a sense of deja vu. This work is an attempt of my design idea, and I will continue to do so.

Lu Brian

As a product designer, I am used to finding inspirations from the subtle aspects of life, seeking for the subtle connection between people and the surrounding environment, trying to make people find the excitement of deja vu in the works and bring people the surprises that are delayed.

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