Forum for Strategic Initiatives

Forum for Strategic Initiatives is the biggest event where Russian authorities and intellectuals form, in an open and broad discussion, the concept of the country’s development over the next twenty years. The forum was held in Moscow on 21 — 22 June 2016 at VDNKh Exhibition Centre.

The Forum design and decoration had to be concise, expressive and showing the best correlation with the image of the vigorously developing, forward-looking modern society of Russia.
The logo’s framework is arranged on the basis of a modular grid wherein appropriate key points are selected to create a uniform filling. The points form a field in which the basic fabric of space is laid down. This space as a model of world order represents a set of potentialities where no particular priority is given to a specific life activity. The field is formed by homogeneous filling with identical graphical primary elements i.e. points. Later on the image of a particular sphere of life will be shown by connecting points in various combinations.

Just usual tools from Adobe Creative Cloud: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign. And we made video presentation for exibition in Adobe After Effects. All our artwork begins with a research phase. Then we made some graphic drafts by hand and after we came up with digital versions of it.

Forum of initiatives is a very noticeable and crowded event. The substantial scale of the event provides a great interest for specialists in various areas. Design setting for such type of events is very important as it attracts attention of not only the general public, but also experts in the field of design, professionals in the organization of festivals, exhibitions, etc. Our project has been featured at Behance gallery and we have received many favorable reviews and comments.