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Fox Flash Messages

Fox Flash Messages

Antonija Vresk
September 2, 2017
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Flash messages Fox is a conceptual design which was created during the Daily UI Challenge. It is a simple illustration with a clean design. I was trying to achieve a difference in color and mood for a user to better understand a success and error message as an immediate feedback.

I always loved animals, and in earlier project I was working on owls and cats. Many times I wanted to create a cute fox illustration just for me.
As I am a pretty decisive person, I started to sketch a basic shapes for my fox. After I made my first fox and my first wireframe, I added trees to be more expressive in sending messages to a user. I choose darker standard colors for flash messages - red and green. Green shades were for the success and red for the error message.

It is a clean and minimalistic design and clearly sends a message to a user with color and composition. Happy fox with green trees clearly states that message was sent successfully and sleeping fox with a red trees is a clear sign that something went wrong during an email sending.

I was trying to incorporate all guidelines for creating a good user experience so the flash messages would be a direct sign of success or an error, they don't have any confusing code and irrelevant information, and the button suggests how to fix an error and try again.

As a designer, I use a lot of tools and software and for this project I was using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
For this project I choose one of my favorite fonts, Google font - Poppins.

First, I was working on a blank wireframe and basic layout for illustration, text and button. After wireframe I started to create an illustration of a fox and surroundings. Fox is made from circles, ellipses and clipping masks, and for the tress I used pen and an anchor tool converter to create a tree and the foxes. I choose text for every flash message and button.

I didn't have big expectations for this project, but the response from the people was very positive. For me was an interesting experience and opportunity to be creative and to be able create something illustrative and cute from simple geometrical shapes.

I hope you liked it!

Antonija Vresk

My name is Antonija. I enjoy doing creative projects. I like to show my thoughts through my work and that is one of the reasons why I really enjoy being a designer.

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